WPAP? Sorry, I give up

Finally, after long time left untouched, I decided to give up on WPAP working.

Do you know WPAP? It’s an original pop art style from Indonesia. WPAP stands for Wedha’s Pop Art Portraits.  This art genre was developed by Wedha Abdul Rashid, a contemporary Indonesian artist.

WPAP is a style of portrait illustration. The main character is domination of vertical/horizontal/diagonal straight line with strong unusual color filling plane shapes. Portrait figure is composed from strong mosaic shapes without gradation color and curvy line. If you want to know further, just explore the website of wpap community. Here is the link http://wpapcommunity.com/wpap/index.php?view=category&catid=8&option=com_joomgallery&Itemid=29#axzz1nDHA0Wsj

I admit that WPAP is difficult for me. You can see my work below, and it is just bad. I ruined my own self-portrait. Even, somehow it breaks against WPAP’s basic rules. There shouldn’t be any gradation or realist color and curvy shape. I gave up to continue working on this “project”.

When you just see a WPAP’s masterpiece, it looks easy to make. Yet, I found it’s difficult, really, at least for me. Perhaps, the fact that I still don’t have a WPAP’s feeling makes WPAP work is just hard.

There two main steps for making WPAP. First, you need to do faceting. After you decide a portrait you’d like to make a WPAP, then you draw shapes in different forms to compose figure mimicking the portrait. Finish faceting? Then, the second step is coloring. You fill the shapes you’ve made with non-realist color.

If you are interested or curious, visit the website above, and try to make your own WPAP!

(Orbit Jupiter, Feb 2012)


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