As usual, it’s rainy all day long in Groningen. No sun, gloomy. Even worse, strong wind brings chilly temperature.

In this situation, I can see two types of people’s attitudes. The first is the ones who are complaining. When they got to do something outside, and suddenly rain comes, then things don’t go well. Complaining is the first thing spontaneously coming up.

The second is the ones who are, instead of whining, being grateful. In contrast with the first type, they can enjoy the situation. Naturally, they don’t like the situation as well, however they cannot change it. So, what they do is simply changing their attitude, replacing complaining with gratitude.

Complaining or gratitude is just ways of seeing the world. It’s like a rhetoric question, “Is the glass half empty or half full?”  And the answers depend on what you intend to do. You can either answer “half empty” or “half full”. Both can either mean optimistic or pessimistic.

After all, it’s better to be grateful and optimistic, isn’t it?

(Sambil nunggu hujan reda, Januari 2012)


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